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the peperomia prop box

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rooted or unrooted?

the peperomia prop box includes eight different varieties of peperomia in a propagation container which has spaghnum moss which is fertilized with liqui-dirt fertilizer.


this box includes the following peperomia:

-funky frog 🐸


-cupid 🏹

-red ripple 💥


-hope 🌟

-watermelon 🍉


we ship on mondays and tuesdays only to prevent cuttings being stuck in transit over the weekend.

if you order on monday or tuesday morning, you order will likely go out the same day.

we ship with usps priority shipping, so your order will likely arrive within 2-4 business days. free shipping available on orders over $37.

if you need to delay shipment for a special occasion, please add instructions or send us an email :)